64g of Sugar in a Small Bottle of Lucozade

Following the Chancellor's announcement of a new tax on sugary drinks, Sean Poulter from the Daily Mail has taken a look at the amount of sugar found in popular drinks.

The Daily Mail article published today reveals that 'a 380ml bottle of Lucozade Energy drink has 64g of sugar, equivalent to six lollipops or two packs of Bassett's Jelly Babies'.

It continues that 'the Ribena and Lucozade drinks are so sweet that children would exceed their recommended sugar intake for a day with just one serving. The amount of sugar in the Lucozade would put a child aged from five to ten 40 per cent over the recommended consumption for a day.'

This news is very alarming since Kingsbury High School is working with Lucozade Powerleague to install artificial football pitches for its pupils. Having Lucozade sponsor sports facilities for children at Kingsbury High School is seen by many as sending the wrong signal.

To read the full article please see here: Daily Mail: Fizzy drinks loaded with sugar