Local Info

  • Queensbury Beat Mail #1

    Please see below for the first issue of Queensbury Beat Mail by the Metropolitan Police.

    Queensbury SNT would like to keep their local residents informed on local policing issues. This intent, alongside public requests for information has led to the introduction of this newsletter and will be including:


    For more information see Queensbury Beat Mail #1

  • Annual Subscription

    Annual subscription is £5 per household (£3 concessions); but what does your subscription actually cover?

    • SPRING Annual Quiz & Chips Night – raffle prize, room hire charge
    • Free cheese and wine at AGM, room hire charge
    • SUMMER Annual Village Day including hire of band, entertainment & facilities  
    • WINTER Carol Singing, Father Christmas, refreshments & gifts for children
    • Organisation of Events like Weekend/Days Away for all residents
    • Flowers/donations in memory of residents
    • Stationery for Leaflets, newsletter, etc.
  • Planning Permission & Enforcement Notices

    There are a number of Enforcement Notices on properties in the Village, which if not attended to end up costing the owner and will affect the sale of a property.

    If you have any form of development to your property, in most cases it will require planning permission. Contact Council for further info at: planningenforcement@brent.gov.uk

    Are you thinking of extending your lease?

    It’s best to do it as a group, which reduces solicitors’ fees. Please contact Debbie on 020 8206 2436 if you are interested.

  • Abandoned Vehicles in the Village

    If you see a van or car parked and it does not belong to a resident, please report to Brent Council on: 020 8937 5050

    Recently a van parked for over a week was reported but an invoice on the front seat showed an address. The address was visited and it turned out the van had been stolen and dumped in the village. Very happy owner and resident pleased it was no longer outside their property!

  • Bacon Lane – Temporarily Suspended Enforcement Action

    February 2016 A recent challenged Penalty Charge Notice in Bacon Lane received the following letter from Brent Council:

    "Your vehicle was parked in the middle of the road and a PCN was issued for the contravention of being parked more than 50cm from the kerb.  We recognise that Bacon Lane is an unusual location with trees situated in the middle of the carriageway meaning there is the potential for traffic to be obstructed when vehicles park next to the kerb.  However, there is no formal exemption in place allowing vehicle sto park in the middle of the road, and no marking to suggest that they are permitted to do so.  The Council is satisfied that the contravention did occur and the PCN was correctly issued."

    Don't stop reading….

    "You have stated in your correspondence that you and other residents have been parking in this way for a number of years now and no enforcement has previously taken place.  I have accepted that this is indeed the case and therefore that you had a legitimate expectation to be able to carry on parking in this way having not received a PCN previously.  For this reasdon, although I am satisfied the contravention did take place, I have cancelled the PCN issued to you."

    And last of all…..

    "The Parking manager has met with our Transportation department and they are going to undertake a review of Bacon Lane with the aim of formalising the parking arrangements for the benefit of residents and other motorists.  We have temporarily suspended enforcement action in Bacon Lane against vehicles parked in the middle of the road while this review is undertaken."


    December 2015

    It appears that Brent Council has started issuing PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) for vehicles parked along the centre of Bacon Lane.

    'Mr Mustard' has written a summary on the issue.

    Please do not get caught out by this, and if you know anything about a PCN issue at this location please email Mr Mustard.

  • Look out for the Tree Surgeon who looks the part but isn’t

    An Arborist or Arboriculturalist will take proper care of your trees.  The skilled arborist is trained to identify problems relating to your trees health and will advise on the treatment of tree and shrub related pests and diseases.

    For further information regarding trees Brent Council recommend you visit the Arboricultural Association website.

    Or contact Lawrence Usherwood, the Council's Tree Protection Officer, on: 020 8937 5247 or by email.

  • Kingsbury Manor: History up for Sale

    The following properties are currently available to rent as per the links below:

    The Veterans’ Club aka The Coach House

    This is now available to let at a total annual cost of £2,092.50

    A contribution towards the maintenance cost of the vehicular access road to The Coach House entrance will be charged at £2,000 every five years. More details on Brent Council Property and land for sale or let.

    Kingsbury Manor – Grade 2 Listed building

    Towards the end of 2013 Kingsbury Manor and Lodge was bought by the Southover Partnership who have thankfully restored the interior of the Manor.