Revised Documents appear on Council Website


There have been numerous reports of people breaking into houses by removing the back fence panels after ringing the doorbell.    They then break into the back of the house.

In some cases the people have been in but did not come to the window or door, so the robbers thought they were not in, hence this has been detected.

This has happened in Pinner, North Wembley and Kenton and may be other places.




Just in case you thought it was safe to look at the playing fields of Kingsbury High School….  !!

Please go to the Brent website again where you will note that from 18th July there are 14 revised documents.   If you get a headache looking at all these documents go to the Addendum “covering letter”.

Click on:

Go to “search Planning applications now”.  Type in under “Application Ref:  16/0994

Lucozade Powerleague have continued to avoid answering questions in some of the revised documents.  They are still not acceptable and giving misleading information.  We have written to Council expressing our views that it does not address our concerns and anxieties.  The revised documents are bereft of any facts.

We would urge you to have a read through some or all and even if it is one fact you wish to comment on, please do so and send as soon as possible to Victoria McDonagh:  Email: