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Wildlife Sightings

Roe Green Village and the surrounding area is home to many species of birds and mammals and even protected species such as the Little Owl and Bats.

Whether it is Egyptian Geese visiting Roe Green Park during winter, hedgehogs roaming our gardens in summer or bats foraging at night, keep an eye out for our wildlife.

Whenever you make any sightings please submit your findings to the Greenspace Information for Greater London (GIGL) database.

Explore your local environment with OPAL

OPAL is running six surveys across London to learn more about the state of our environment and they would like everyone to get in involved. Surveys explore the health of our soils, the quality of our air, water, the distribution of invertebrates, the I portance of hedges and the ways in which we affect our climate.

All ages and abilities can take part and your contribution will be important in helping scientists build up a picture of England's natural environment.

Locally, volunteers from Barnhill Conservation Group received training or you can contact OPAL direct by emailing opaleastofengland@herts.ac.uk or call 01707 285 050. Their website is: www.opalexplorenature.org

  • Butterflies of London Project 2016

    Butterflies of London Project 2016

    The Butterflies of London Project is looking for your input. Can you help record butterfly sightings in your garden?

    How to contribute butterfly records to the project

    A record consists of the Species name, the Location (preferably with a six-figure Grid Reference – or with a postcode), the Date, and your Name as recorder. The number seen, the life stage (if not an adult), and the habitat are useful.

    The project is aiming to collate records in whatever format you use. These include:

    The Butterflies of London Project launches during these early weeks of 2016. The London Natural History Society (LNHS) project aims to map the distribution of butterfly species in London, updating ‘The Butterflies of the London Area’ that covered 1980-86. Much has changed since to butterflies London; much has changed on the recording scene; while London itself has changed and is continuing to change.

    The project is primarily concerned with the Greater London area – the area covered by the 32 Boroughs and the City of London. The aim is to map to the 1 x 1km (monad) level – or at least at the scale of 2 x 2km tetrad squares.

    As this is a spatial (‘dots-on-the-map’) survey, records are needed from throughout London – that includes from suburban and urban areas, gardens, streets and as seen during commuting; plus those from green spaces and nature areas.

    Records from recent previous years are being used too – the cut-off year will be determined later. The first record in was a January record of a Small Tortoiseshell from Bexley. And then a Speckled Wood from Horsenden Hill, Ealing, on 11 February.

    Are you interested in surveying a monad (1 x 1km square), or monads within larger areas, a locality or Borough? Please let me know. Background information on recording and surveys is on the LNHS website.

    While the recording is at the centre of project, there is also the value of involving the public during the survey. And the information will help to improve knowledge to help the conservation of butterflies, habitats and other wildlife in London.

    And it is not just recording. The project will need a range of skills from managing records, to analysis, and preparation of outputs. Publicity too is important – for example to London organisations involved in open spaces, gardens and localities.

    I appreciate the offers of help and co-operation to date from individuals and organisations. The team is still coming together. Currently communication is by phone and email, but we hope to meet more as the project develops.

    You can contact me on my personal email and phone. The project email address can also be used at: londonbutterflyproject@btinternet.com

    Leslie Williams
    Recorder: Lepidoptera (butterflies), London Natural History Society