Janice Grant-Depardieu

Janice Grant-Depardieu    1953 — 2018

Eulogy to Janice by her brother, Neil Grant

On behalf of the Grant and Depardieu family I am going to say a few words about my sister Janice.

Frankly I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through this, but I am going to try. Today is not something that I ever, ever, anticipated I would have to do.

I look around this room and see Janice’s family and friends. Of course, I know many of you well, but there are others I don’t.  It doesn’t matter, we are all joined together by the love we have for her and united in our wish to say our farewells.

Janice was an adored daughter, sister, wife and friend and she was here for each and every one of us.

Without exception, we are all suffering the shock of these last, dark, inexplicable days. A collective reaction of total and utter disbelief as we try and come to terms with what we know to be true, that Janice has now been taken prematurely.

My sister was only 65 years young.  Her death is incomprehensible. An absolute tragedy. Like all of you I am devastated, incensed and totally distraught.

But today I’m compensated by the immense warmth, comfort and love that radiates here for Regis, Mum, Irene and me.

I feel it now, this minute, from all of you.

It glows fiercely & defiantly, as does the love my Mother has for her daughter, the proud apple of her eye. Two loud redheads, fiercely devoted to each other, Mum’s consolation being that Janice will now be together with my beloved father, Mannie.

And did I say loud?

Janice certainly was loud, often tooooo loud, but we knew and loved her for that.

We all want to celebrate her, remember her and bask in our very special memories of her.

It was Janice’s infectious, often over the top character, unrestrained passion, fun, as well as her unequivocal, unquestioning loyalty to all.

Nobody was ever turned away and nobody was denied Janice’s 100%, no questions asked compassion.

An open heart, with an open-door policy. And you know what I mean, as you sat shivering inside a door-less house, as Janice tried to convince us she was living in Jerusalem, rather than Kingsbury.

Everyone, no matter who, no matter what, was welcome. She was a port in a storm and generous without limits.

She even invited the kitchen fitter to her wedding and she’d only met him a few weeks earlier.

My sister just didn’t do half measures. She also as we all learnt to our cost ‘didn’t do mornings’ – talking to her before 10am was totally banned.

Janice simply brought a new meaning to the words dramatic and emotional –  these personal descriptions never knowingly used separately!  I’ve no doubt as her soul travels in its heavenly direction, it will change form into a Shakespearian avatar as she noisily disturbs the peace of the righteous.

No shrinking violet, Janice was a force of nature.

She could drive you mad as she took over a room, send food back in restaurants, argue about bad service and make everyone hop, skip and jump to her tune as she gently ordered people around.

Janice had a complete sense of what was right and what was wrong and like it, or lump it, she had a totally selfless mission to solve everyone else’s problems, even if you didn’t exactly want them sorted and often before consideration of her own.

She was not only the Queen Fixit and Queen Bee, she was a tireless fighter when she thought something was inappropriate or unfair.

If you hadn’t met her, you knew of her and knowing her was a total privilege and joy.

It was this that brought our devotion and love. A total dedication.

Mind you, you’d be a brave person ever to say, “no” to her.

And thank goodness she said “yes” to Regis.

A loving symmetry, a beautiful enduring partnership.  I know Regis felt blessed to have her in his life and he will have a deep pool of happy memories to draw on, which will sustain him in the difficult times ahead.

I just can hear her saying, no.. shouting, “come on Regis, drama, what drama bubbie, just get on with it!”.

Actually she didn’t shout…..….much!

But we still love that memory.

And don’t forget it always had to be the best. Janice will undoubtedly be with the ‘top man’ now, and if she isn’t, you mark my words she’ll demand to see the duty manager to get it sorted.

Our irrepressible, irreplaceable, irresistible Janice will never be gone. She will continue to live in all our hearts and minds, forever.

We have lost one of life’s treasures.

I will miss her with all my heart.

May she rest in peace.