December 2016 – we are all a year older and so is Lucozade Powerleague!!


November 2016 – Brent Council recently instructed a company to do a sound assessment over a weekend, in the garden of one of the residents in Goldsmith Lane.   Turns out that the company are hired by Powerleague and paid by Powerleague – duh!      Unbiased assessment?!


In December 2015 this campaign against Lucozade Powerleague started off at a sprint and has turned into a marathon.   I'm pleased to say that our team of experts have given much time and effort to ensure that Lucozade Powerleague do not walk all over this community, as they have done to many schools and communities in the past over many years.

Looking back over the years, the village Residents' Association have always had to battle to keep Roe Green Village on the map, so nothing much has changed – just the aim.   It used to be rent strikes and applying for grants so the tradition to fight our corner has been passed down through the years and that's how Roe Green Village has managed to survive the knocks and attacks. 

However, this one is particularly nasty, as it has been unleashed by our neighbours, Kingsbury High School, which was not expected and we feel they do not realise the impact their actions could have on this community… and that is why your Residents' Association are fighting this application and throwing whatever we have at it.

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