Powerleague – Bad Neighbours?

Noise and Light Pollution, Traffic Chaos, Anti-Social Behaviour

There are no two ways about it. Wherever Lucozade have been granted permission to build one of their facilities near residential areas, they appear to be greatly upsetting the local community with seemingly endless noise and light pollution throughout the day and night, traffic chaos and anti-social behaviour.

We have been in contact with various communities around the country to find out about their experience living next to a Lucozade Powerleague installation and their feedback is causing great concern.

One of the recent communities falling victim to Lucozade Powerleague is in Enfield and their story was just featured in the Enfield Independent.

If you have any experience living next to a Lucozade Powerleague installation, please get in touch with us by email.

3 thoughts on “Powerleague – Bad Neighbours?

  • [The pitches are] completely unacceptable for a largely residential area. The current facility has proved to be a most unwelcome intrusion on the lives of the residents surrounding the Powerleague facility. The level of shouting, and profanity (as expected from groups of people playing competitive football) that can be regularly heard coming from does not provide a suitable atmosphere for the local residents to enjoy what was previously a relatively quiet life, a large proportion of these residents have young children who do not wish to have their children subjects to the type of language that can be heard coming from the football pitches.

    Cars are regularly parks on grass verges (which are signed as No Parking), clogging up the streets surrounding the facility car park and blocking peoples driveways etc. that again is completely unacceptable. It should be suggested that an additional 25+ parking spaces are required for the current facility.

    Many residents feel mislead by previous applications for development of the site and had they know of the intentions would have strongly objected.

  • The current Powerleague site is already causing many problems including excessive noise, traffic problems, anti-social behaviour and generally making many local residents lives a misery.

    The existing facility has proven itself to not be able to control users’ behaviour noise pollution and at present Powerleague is not prepared to reduce this nuisance as it is not ‘financially viable’ to do this.

  • The constant shouting (and swearing) of people playing/watching the matches which you tend to associate with any competitive sport, which carries a surprisingly long way! Not ideal when you are trying to spend time relaxing in your garden or have windows open in your house, and particularly when you have young children who you’d rather not be subject to that kind of language.

    The number of people who felt the need to rev their cars and wheel-spin out of the carpark and accelerate down the road racing each other as they left the centre every night was pretty annoying and was regularly reported to the police (who never did anything about it).

    The Woodlands Powerleague also had an onsite bar as well which was open every night and also had a late licence on weekends for parties/ private hire so most weekends we were treated to people standing in the carpark shouting/ singing/ arguing till 12:30-1am

    They installed large floodlights on the pitches & carparks which angled into the houses opposite the facilities. They held periodic tournaments which invited many more people than the carparks could cope with which meant all the surrounding streets & grass verges were littered with cars parked everywhere.

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