Annual Report 2014-2015

Social Events

We do have a very active social calendar. Our vice-chair Debbie ably aided by Diane, Carlien, Bob, Dave and Mary organised the 2014 Village Day and the carol singing event. Both were a resounding success. It brought together our small community and what was also very encouraging was to see the number of children who now live in the Village. Thank you Debbie and team. I must not forget to mention our annual Quiz Night with fish and chips, held last Saturday which was also well attended. A huge thank you to Quizmasters Ron & Babs Isaac who will be celebrating their 70th birthdays in June.

At various times of the year Debbie, also organised a number of outings for residents: including Brick Lane Music Hall, Wisley Gardens and a day out in Brighton.

We welcome new members to join our friendly and vibrant Committee. Please talk to one of our committee members here this evening if you are interested.


KAOS has entertained the local community for many years. They are always looking for new talent to join their existing cast.

Barnhill Conservation Group with Roe Green Walled Garden is open to the public on Saturday mornings. They are always looking for volunteers of any age. 

Planning Matters:

Our planning sub-committee, chaired by Martyn has had to work hard taking on monitoring duties that cannot be completely fulfilled by the overstretched planning department who in the past year have undergone drastic cuts in their staffing. The committee was successful in arguing against the granting of planning permission for a development that would have had an adverse effect on the garden-look and feel of the Village as intended by Baines. In addition there are still a number of outstanding planning issues that are in themselves controversial and do threaten the long term look of the houses and the Village as outlined in the Conservation area design guide. This is a unique place in London and should continue to be protected.

The committee will be working together with Brent on a more comprehensive and updated design guide. 

New Developments:

It has not been difficult to spot a number of new developments popping up around the Village mainly to the north-east. I feel that the Village is becoming like the little house in the film “UP”. We have urged the Council to encourage developers to put into place a proper infrastructure to accommodate the influx of residents which will mean access to transport, new schools and medical centres to mention the more important ones; and not forgetting a comprehensive road system as the present one will become too congested to cope.

(And a welcome new developments) to June & Stephen of Roe Lane, baby IVY was born in March, sister to Adam; and last October, baby Ryan to Dalila & Neil of Goldsmith Lane. .

September Open House (Village)

The third weekend in September each year is known throughout Europe as “Open House” weekend. The village has been part of this event and Peter Cormack is our resident historian who has organised this for a number of years. These walking tours of the village have proved very popular and have been well-attended. Thank you, Peter.

Garden Competition

 This is organised by the Gardening Club and encourages the maintenance and look of front gardens. Towards the end of May members of the gardening club will make a short list of the best maintained gardens in the village and in June two independent judges will select the best four.

Last year’s winner was Sylvia Huggett of 59 Roe. 2nd was Carol Law of 58 Goldsmith Lane and last but not least 3rd was Jean Plant of 360 Stag Lane, who has always maintained the first garden as you enter the village to an extremely high standard.

Neighbourhood & Ward Matters

Committee will be looking to the Queensbury Ward and the Village having a dedicated police team as we have enjoyed in the past.

Antisocial behaviour

On occasions but not on a regular basis, there has been some minor antisocial behaviour in and around the Village. Should you witness this, please report it on the (non-emergency) number 101 or textphone 18001 101. Kingsbury Police Office, Unit 19 Kingsbury Trading Estate, Barningham Way, Kingsbury NW9 8AU. Phone: 020 8721 2971 or Mobile: 07920 233750. Email:

Abandoned cars

With residents’ vigilance, we have been able to keep down occurrence of this type of annoyance.


We have been successful in reporting fly-tipping to Council and would urge residents to take photographs and report it, rather than approach anyone.

AOB from 2014 AGM

Although contact made at the Village School to ease the car parking problem, the problem still persists, even though Bacon Lane car park is now accessible.

Condition of pavements in the Village

Resident Janice Depardieu has been in touch with Cllr Kabir over the state of the pavements but to date the situation has not changed and funds seem unavailable to make necessary repairs.

Garden waste service

From April the weekly collection of the Green Bin becomes a
fortnightly collection until the end of November. From then it becomes a monthly
collection AND we still have to pay £40 per year for the privilege!


For your Diaries

Village evening – Saturday 11th July – Live band and delicious food.

Centenary 2017

We will be celebrating the Centenary of Roe Green Village in style with various events. Your ideas would be welcome. 


 These last twelve months have been tinted with sadness as our long time Chair of the Association, STAN BEAMISH, passed way in March.   In addition, more recently, long-time resident, Michael Koenig after a long illness.   Other residents who passed away last year John Hardy of Roe Lane, Robert ‘BOB’ Hingerton of Shorts Croft and James “Gentleman Jim” Fawcett late of Roe Lane, in recent years moved with wife, Ros, to Shropshire. They will all be missed. 

Roe Green Village Residents Committee Members @ 2014 

Chairman – Stan Rynkowski  
Vice Chair – Debbie Nyman  
Secretary – Diane Bennett  
Treasurer – Carlien Lavers  
Planning Monitor – Martyn Featherby  
Website – Dan Hulsmann  
Historian – Peter Cormack  
Mary Lingwood  
Bob Wallis  
Hon.Vice President – Stan Beamish  

We encourage you to visit our website on or contact any of the Committee on